Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Many Collections of Lucien Piccard Watches

Lucien Piccard watches are well known for their superior craftsmanship, their attention to detail and their commitment to quality. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1923 and are some of the most sought after watches in the world. Vintage Lucien Piccard watches are especially prized by collectors and although they can sometimes be found at antique stores or at an auction house, the best selection to be found is online. If you are looking to collect Lucien Piccard watches, avoid
purchasing any that are dented or that have cracked crystals. You want a watch that is in good vintage condition even if it does not work.

Current Lucien Piccard watches are available in a wide array of designs; some with diamonds, rubies and other precious gems, some made of 14 karat yellow or white gold; and some made of stainless steel. They carry several lines of watches for both women and men; and each line is made with a distinctive look.

14K Gold Jubilee Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
These watches boast elegant details like mother of pearl dials and diamonds on the bracelet or around the dial or on the hour markers. This line really does exude sophistication.

Catalina Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
This collection is for ladies only. They are chronograph watches (include both time keeping and stop watch functions) with leather bands and most offer mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals in the case.

Delancy Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
This very large collection offers many different styles and options from which to choose.

Executive Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
This collection will make a statement. The collection ranges from conservative to avant garde in design and you will definitely get noticed when wearing one of these.

Lexington Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
Watches from this collection all have round faces and are chronograph watches.

Odyssey Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
There are plenty of options with this collection. Most of the watches include a stainless steel watch band and a diamond encrusted case.

Vega Chronograph Lucien Piccard Watches
This is another very large collection that offers a wide variety of shapes on the faces and includes either stainless steel or leather straps. Some come with diamonds and some are offered without diamonds.

Virtue Collection Lucien Piccard Watches
Most of the watch bands in this collection are stainless steel with diamond encrusted cases. It is a very distinct collection as all of the watch faces are square.

With so many collections from which to choose you are certain to find the perfect watch to fit all your needs. Before you buy be sure to check out the retailers return policy and make sure that the watch comes with a warranty as all Lucien Piccard watches come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Lucien Piccard Watches - Affordable Swiss Quality

Billed as the affordable quality Swiss watch, Lucien Piccard watches are some of the most sought after in the world. They are worn by royalty, dignitaries and celebrities. The company was founded in 1923 and continues to uphold its commitment to quality and excellence. These distinguished watches can be worn with pride and they are made so well that they are often passed down to children and grandchildren. The company originally became well known for its 14 karat and 18 karat gold watches
with innovative designs for both men and women. They offer a large selection of collections so it is very easy to find a Lucien Piccard watch to fit your style and your pocketbook.

Every watch in the 14 karat gold Jubilee Collection of Lucien Piccard watches is made of 14K yellow or white gold. The details are very elegant. The Allure for women in this collection is made of 14K yellow gold and boasts sparkling diamonds that mark the hours and line the bracelet. It includes a mother of pearl dial and is delicate and rich looking. All this beauty and it can be purchased for approximately three hundred and fifty dollars. An example of a men’s watch from this collection is a masculine black strapped stainless steel watch with a 14K gold bezel. It includes a black dial and square diamond hour markers. It has a Swiss quartz movement and it is water resistant. Price is approximately six hundred and fifty dollars.

A Lucien Piccard women’s watch that is priced at around one hundred fifty dollars is model number 26023D. This watch is a gold plated two-tone with a Swiss quartz movement and includes eleven diamond markers on the dial. A men’s Lucien Piccard watch for approximately the same price is model number 27022RUB4. This watch is made of stainless steel, it is scratch resistant, it has a dark cranberry leather strap with a white mother of pearl face and it includes four ruby hour markers. It is
very masculine and rich looking.

In addition to the 14K Jubilee Collection, Lucien Piccard watches also offer several other collections. The Lexington Collection is a group of chronograph watches with round faces; the Prestige Collection is very flashy and although this collection is primarily made up of stainless steel watches with round faces, they also offer some with leather bands with pave diamonds.

These are just a few examples of the wide array of Lucien Piccard watches that are available. You can dress up any outfit with a piece by this famous manufacturer. The nice thing about these watches is that many of them look just as good when paired with a suit as they do when worn with a pair of denim jeans. With a huge collection from which to choose, you will not have a difficult time finding the watch that is perfect for your needs.

All About Lucien Piccard Watches

If you are in the market for a great looking watch, why not check out the vast array offered by Lucien Piccard. Whatever your price range, you are sure to find a Lucien Piccard watch to fit your exact need. This company started in 1923 in Switzerland and their watches quickly became sought after by not only the general public but also by royalty, dignitaries and celebrities alike.

The Lucien Piccard men’s watch model number 28140R includes a brown leather band and roman numerals on a brown dial with a stainless steel gold tone case. This watch is priced at approximately one hundred forty dollars and is a handsome, masculine looking watch. The Lucien Piccard women’s watch model number 28002PK offers a polished stainless steel and ceramic pink case. It has a Swiss quartz movement and is water resistant with a pink mother of pearl dial. It is very feminine and priced at approximately one hundred fifty dollars.

Lucien Piccard watches offer several collections. The Virtue Collection all have square faces,stainless steel watch bands and diamond encrusted cases. The Vega Chronograph Collection is one of their largest collections and offers attractive faces in a variety of shapes; they have either stainless steel or leather bands and some have diamonds included while others do not. The Delancy Collection of Lucien Piccard watches is much like the Chronograph collection in that it is a large collection with many different options. The Prestige Collection primarily offers stainless steel bands and round faces but there is a watch that comes with a leather band and pave diamonds making it a very flashy watch.The Lexington Collection are all round faced chronograph watches. The Executive Collection of Lucien Piccard watches is one of their most well known collections as they definitely make a
statement. They offer intricate designs and conservative designs; but both stand out. The Odyssey Collection includes stainless steel watch bands and diamond encrusted cases while the 14K gold Jubilee Collection exudes sophistication. These watches are all made of 14K yellow or white gold and have elegant details like mother of pearl dials and diamonds for hour markers.

As you can see, Lucien Piccard watches have something for everyone. If you are in the market for a more expensive watch, the Ladies Diamond Bezel model number XWA1478 is dazzling. It has a mother of pearl dial, blue sapphire accents, diamonds scattered throughout and blue satin hands. It is priced at approximately fifteen hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you are looking for a great looking women’s sports watch, try the DuFonte that is priced at approximately fifty dollars. It has a
black link bracelet with a contrasting white dial. It is water resistant and can be worn as nicely with black dress pants as it can with casual denim jeans.

Check around online for bargains as these watches will last for a very long time. Many people even hand them down to their children and grandchildren.